Third bulletin of the Human Rights Committee of the ChDI network: Violence against Mapuche communities

The work of the Human Rights Committee of the Chile Woke Up International Network has no rest, for this reason they launch their third bulletin, dedicated to violence against the Mapuche communities.

For centuries, the Mapuche people have been fighting for their territories and their
culture. The consequences of racist policies, far from a
pluricultural and plurinational notion, have made the Chilean State
maintains until today relationships that only deepen violence and
stigmatization of Wallmapu, which hinders
integration and recognition of fundamental rights by the
Chilean state.

We share with you the third bulletin of the Human Rights Committee of
our network. There you can find the following articles:

• “Violencia hacia comunidades Mapuche”
• “Pueblo Mapuche y Convención Constitucional”
• “Camilo: tu rostro en el horizonte de tu pueblo”
• “IV Encuesta Nacional de Derechos Humanos”

Download pdf here: 2021.01.31_3erNewsletter – Comité DDHH