Security manuals

Cyber Security

The security will be as weak as the biggest imprudence within the group.

If you normalize the use of encrypted communications, someone interested in stealing your information cannot discern when the information is sensitive or not.

The goal of this section is to promote free use software and assess the different degrees of security that each of these can offer.

To talk about security, it is important to use Safe Operating Systems (GNU/LINUX).

In mobile devices it is less simple. The most popular system is Android (google), but this offers the least security. The advice provided here intends to add more layers of security. It is important to use an encrypted phone.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are very unsafe because their business is based on sharing and selling personal and sensitive information.

For the reasons presented above, it is important to avoid using Play Store as a repository for your android. You can use F-Droid instead.

  • Play Store keeps records of what, when, and where you download data. It forces you to register using an email associated with your name. It is ideal to deactivate the app and not to use any program associated with this platform.
  • F-Droid does not require registration. It does not track your movements and alert you when another app violates the criteria of free software.